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Spoiler Alert Coming To Nintendo Switch

Spoiler Alert Coming To Nintendo Switch

The Chili Pepper Knight is finally joining the family that inspired him in the first place.

Once again, way too long time has gone by without a devlog. That typically means that I'm neck deep in work - which has especially been true for the last year.
2018 went by with constantly juggling between three huge tasks. First and foremost is obviously development on Ronn For Your Life, which is my main focus most of the time. Second, which is still ongoing, is the Xbox One port of Spoiler Alert. That one is dragging out a lot by moving from GMS1 to GMS2 and having to rewrite all achievements, and also there has been some technical issues due to internal migration from one backend platform from Microsoft to another. The third has been porting Spoiler Alert to Nintendo Switch. So let's talk a bit about the process behind making that happen, and what ate up a good chunk of 2018...