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Smoother Game Camera

You've Been Struck By... A Smooth Camera

A very fundamental, yet huge part of most games is moving around a world that is typically too big to fit into one screensize, and as such, the game needs a camera to follow the player. The simple solution is to do just that - make it follow the player character as soon as he or she moves. However, this isn't necessarily the most smooth or elegant solution. And since it's such a fundamental part of the game, let's see if we can do something to make it just a tiny bit nicer, should we?

This is how the camera movement used to look in Ronn For Your Life:

And this is how it looks now:


New Year's Update - Exciting News!

Status Quo

First of all, let me apologize for the quietness - I feel bad letting 2 whole months without a devblog update go by! While writing these blog posts is fun, it also takes both a lot of time and a lot of energy, especially since I usually end up typing up a small essay. As a result, I've been thinking about ideas for some updates that would be smaller and more fun sized - that should hopefully still be interesting and something you would want to read, but while also allowing me to update every once in a while without it being too daunting a task.

On the bright side, the time that I haven't put into the blog has gone into a lot of crunching on Ronn For Your Life. And as a result, it's actually starting to get exciting.
For more than a year now I've been fleshing out the "engine" of the game - covering all the bases I will need to make a great game. This process saw me expanding the scope of the game a whole lot more than I initially expected - adding a skilltree, upgradeable spells, underwater exploration, a stealth mechanic (which also meant expanding the AI), and a bunch more cool stuff that I never intended to be in the game - including my personal favorite - a building system for a highly customizable weapon that will then further be personalized by other factors. It will be elaborated on in a future blog, but think of it as a character creator... For your weapon.

The base that will make up the foundation of the game - all the features and systems in place - has taken a lot of time and work. Hell, just look at the blog post I made about writing an entire piece of custom software just for writing dialogue.

And all of this, like I said, is basically just the "engine" that the game is going to be built on. But here's the cool part...